To teach at yoga festivals, retreats, and studios, many organizations require you to provide a portfolio of photos illustrating your personal yoga style and level of expertise. Having strong images that embody your years of training will help you stand out above the rest and attract people to your classes. Photography of your yoga practice will also serve as a beneficial reference point along your path to greater strength and flexibility. 

I have been a travel photographer for a long time but I am new to the world of yoga. I first got into yoga photography by helping a few of my professional yoga friends create images for their websites, social media outlets, and marketing materials. Collaborating with these yoga enthusiasts was so inspiring that this year I decided to add yoga photography to my official list of services. I have a genuine interest in learning more about the various kinds of yoga from active practitioners, and the ways in which yoga can help to work positivity and balance into our often hectic daily lives. Thanks for checking out my website, I hope to work with you soon! --Andy

3 Easy Steps to Book

Step 1. Intro

Reach out using the contact form below, or email directly. Include in your message a brief description of yourself, current style of practice, and relationship with yoga. 

How do you manage to integrate calm and peace into your busy lifestyle. What do you like about the particular kind of yoga you're drawn to?  

Please specify if you are reaching out as an individual or on behalf of a partner, studio, apparel company, magazine, or friend.

Step 2. Choose a Location

I am currently based in San Francisco. Here, both urban and wild landscapes are easily accessible. I am open to working inside a studio or outdoors in a natural setting, wherever you will be the most comfortable to settle into your practice.

Ideal outdoor environments for strong yoga imagery include city parks, beaches, mountains, and forests. All are all good meeting points, as are interesting neighborhoods where we can easily walk to several locations. 

Step 3. Schedule a shoot

Is there a day and time of the week you are typically free? Keep in mind the best time for taking photos with natural light is early morning and late afternoon. Weekends are ideal for most people but I am open to mid-week shoots as well. 

The more time we have, the more relaxed your experience and images will be. Plan on our adventure taking anywhere between 2 and 3 hours. 

4 Different Plans

Prices listed below have been marked down 40% for the month of February, 2017.


  • $120, normally $200
  • 1-2 hr photoshoot
  • Various nearby locations 
  • 10-20 edited images


  • $180, normally $300
  • 2-3 hr photoshoot
  • Various nearby locations
  • 20-30 edited images


  • $240, normally $400
  • 1-3 hr photoshoots
  • Set location in studio
  • 30-40 edited images


  • $450, normally $750
  • Up to 5 hr photoshoots
  • Various locations TBD
  • 40-50 edited images

Reach out today to book your photoshoot!


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